B151095 - Titanium Power Trimmer Line, .095" Twist

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Titanium Power trimmer line. 095 in. diameter, 145 ft. twist trimmer Line. The toughest shield in the field. Built with a tough core to minimize breakage, surrounded by an even tougher shell for maximum strength. You invest a log in your lawn and garden equipment. Shouldn’t you receive a lot in return. The Titanium Power trimmer line is a revolutionary new cutting monofilament combining two durable materials for superior performance and longer life. What’s the secret? The shield. Titanium Power encases the core material in a layer of 100% virgin resin that acts as a shield against wear and tear. This gives you a line that lasts 30% longer than traditional trimmer lines. You will have less breakage, less down time replacing line, and more cutting power for increased productivity. State-of-the are manufacturing delivers the winning edge. The Titanium Power trimmer line is produced using a unique extrusion process. Extensive lab test verify such factors as impact and weld
•  Today's environmental issues include noise pollution and recent legislation limits the use of standard profile trimmer lines. The Twist Titanium Power Line offers a quieter solution.
•  Developed through aerodynamic testing the Twist Line has outstanding air penetration reducing noise pollution without compromising on performance.
•  Noise isn't all that's reduced. With its concentrated strength, the Twist Titanium Power Line requires less engine acceleration.
•  This makes it easier to cut grass, so your machine doesn't have to work at full power. You can save on fuel costs and general wear and tear, increasing the life span of your trimmer.
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