Need extra visibility around the farm, on the road, at the jobsite, or anywhere? A versatile CabCAM™ Camera Observation System can give you the edge you need. Available in wired and wireless, along with a multitude of options and accessories, CabCAM™ has unlimited application possibilities. Eliminate blind spots and improve day and night visibility on semi-trailers, garbage trucks, dump trucks, pickups with trailers, industrial and construction equipment, campers, and more. CabCAM™’s rugged construction makes it perfect for any application as it is designed specifically to withstand wet, rough, and dusty conditions. CabCAM™ allows users to watch critical areas that were nearly impossible to monitor in the past. CabCAM™ can eliminate neck and back fatigue by significantly reducing the need to turn around to check equipment. CabCAM™’s infrared illuminator cameras provides excellent night-vision. This durable, wide-angle, easy-to-mount camera system allows users to work more efficiently, day or night no matter what application and comes complete with a one-year warranty.

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