87523063 - Bearing, Lower; MFWD King Pin

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Replaces       N14373, 47109506, 3523057M1, 1964243C1, 1337700410834, K395040

     Case-IH TRACTOR: MX100
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX100C
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX110
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX120
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX135
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX150
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX170
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX80C
    Case-IH TRACTOR: MX90C
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 1394
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 1494
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 1594
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 5120
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 5130
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 5140
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 5220
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 5230
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 5240
    Case-IH TRACTOR: 5250

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