1006942 - Windrower Inverter Belting F x S, W/ Center V-Guide

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New 2 ply laced windrower inverter belting with rubber cleats, 34" x 439.5" (36.625 ft.). The belting is 2 ply, .124" thick. The patent-pending Raptor technology is the first draper to use 100% polyester filament yarns rather than spun polyester fibers while using the benefits of both skim coating and friction coating rubber. The Raptor draper belt is made of filament fabric, immediately making it stronger and more durable. Pound for pound, a filament fabric WILL ALWAYS outperform a similar spun fabric with higher tensile, tear and puncture resistance. The Raptor draper belt features a friction coat on the underside of the belt and a skim coat on top. The result: Optimal Protection with Less Drag. Fits Miller Pro windrower inverters.
•  Laced Converyor Belt
Dim A (1)
34.5" X 439.5"
2 Ply, .124
Cleat Type

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