1908-1003 - Bearing

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Kubota - 3A021-43360


Kubota - L4240DT, L4240DT3, L4240DTGST, L4240DTHST, L4240GST3, L4240HST3, L4240HSTC, L4240HSTC3, L4330DT, L4330DTGST, L4330DTHSTC, L45, L4610DTGST, L4610DTHST, L4610DTHSTC, L4630DT, L4630DTGSTC, L4630DTHST, L4740GST, L4740GST3, L4740HST, L4740HST3, L4740HSTC, L4740HSTC3, L48, L5030GST, L5030HSTC, L5040GST, L5040GST3, L5240HST, L5240HST3, L5240HSTC, L5240HSTC3, L5740HST, L5740HST3, L5740HSTC, L5740HSTC3, M4700DT, M4900DT, M4900SUDT, M5400DT, M5400DTN, M5700DT, M5700DTN, M8200DTNB, M8200SDTNB, M8200SDTNQ, MX4700DT, MX4700H, MX5000DT, MX5100DT, MX5100H

Tech. Data:

Open roller bearing, 84.95mm outside diameter by 44.90mm inside diameter by 18.95mm width.

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