1400-0586 - Alternator TY6799

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John Deere - AT173624, RE533516, SE501387, SE501835, TY6799

John Deere - 1144 Combine, 210LE Indust/Const, 240 Skid Steer, 250 Skid Steer, 260 Skid Steer, 270 Skid Steer, 280 Skid Steer, 300 Indust/Const, 300B Indust/Const, 300D Indust/Const, 3029D Eng, 3029T Eng, 310B Indust/Const, 310C Indust/Const, 310D Indust/Const, 310E Indust/Const, 310G Indust/Const, 310SE Indust/Const, 310SG Indust/Const, 315C Indust/Const, 315CH Indust/Const, 315D Indust/Const, 315SE Indust/Const, 315SG Indust/Const, 3200 Telehandler, 324H Indust/Const, 3400 Telehandler, 344H Indust/Const, 360D Skidder, 4045D Eng, 4045HT Eng, 4045T Eng, 410D Indust/Const, 410E Indust/Const, 410G Indust/Const, 450G Crawler, 450H Crawler, 455G Crawler, 460D Skidder, 510D Indust/Const, 540E Skidder, 540G Skidder, 548E Skidder, 548G Skidder, 555G Crawler, 560D Skidder, 570B Grader, 6068 Eng, 6068D Eng, 6068H Eng, 6068T Eng, 6081 Eng, 6081A Eng, 6081H Eng, 6081HZ Eng, 6081T Eng, 6090H Eng, 640G Skidder, 643H Feller Buncher, 650G Crawler, 650H Crawler, 670B Grader, 670C Grader, 710D Indust/Const, 710G Indust/Const, 7405, 843G Feller Buncher, 843H Feller Buncher

Tech. Data:
12v, 65a, IR, EF, clockwise, Bosch replacement.

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